Biological and Environmental Control Laboratories (BEC Labs) was founded in 1980 in Toledo, OH.  Our initial business focus was environmental testing of soils, water, and industrial wastes and by-products.  Test requirements for this monitoring was mandated under the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act and various other EPA regulations.  After a short time, BEC offerings were expanded to include microbiological and toxicological testing of medical devices and associated components.

By the Mid-1980’s, BEC had begun of outgrow its laboratories and began searching for a new location that would offer the ability to expand.  The search ended with our coming together with the River East Economic Revitalization Corporation (REERC), a non-profit organization dedicate to the redevelopment of East Toledo, locate across the Maumee River from Downtown Toledo.  The company signed a lease in the then vacant, historic VerdiRay building, formerly used for the production of fluorescent lights.

BEC continued to grow and expand their chemical analysis and microbiological testing capabilities, addition both personnel and analytical instruments and to develop additional areas of the VerdiRay building.

In the late 1980’s, BEC began to manufacture Custom Sterile Surgical Packs to local area hospitals.  These packs were designed to meet the needs of individual surgeons/hospital staff to perform medical procedures.  These products contained an assembly of individual components and supplies packaged in a convenience form for immediate use.  Since these packs were required to be sterilized prior to use, BEC eventually installed two industrial sized Ethylene Oxide gas sterilizers for use in their manufacturing processes.  In addition, the company began assembling, packaging and sterilizing of various medical device for other companies.

In 1992, BEC working with REERC, signed a lease for an expansion into their current facility, a former automobile dealership, and began the process of an extensive remodeling of the 22,000 sq. ft. building to house new laboratories, packaging facilities and corporate offices.  Following completion of the new facility, the company continued to occupy significant space in the VerdiRay building.

In the late 1990’s, the company exited the Custom Surgical Pack market and also the hazardous waste analysis business due to a diminishing of the market size.  The company continued to operate offering medical device and pharmaceutical laboratory testing.

In 2006, a group of medical product sterilization and quality assurance consultants acquired the assets of BEC and formed the new corporation, LexaMed Ltd.  Since the formation of LexaMed, the company focus has remained offering a full complement of Microbiology services to medical device, pharmaceutical, biologics and pharmacy industries.  In addition, the company offers consulting services domestically and internationally in Microbiology, Sterilization, Disinfection, Quality Systems, Packaging, and Validations